cope-logoThe Milwaukee Community Opioid Prevention Effort (COPE) is jointly sponsored by the City of Milwaukee, the Medical College of Wisconsin Department of Emergency Medicine and the Zilber Family Foundation.  We seek to understand the burden of acute opioid injury in Milwaukee County to assist in developing prevention strategies.

The goal of this project is to advance our understanding of the scope and nature of this problem utilizing public health sciences and data to drive targeted prevention efforts that will have a measurable impact in our community. Specifically, this project aims to provide local policy makers, researchers, clinical care providers and the community with an understanding of the complexities of the opioid/heroin problem.

Project Goals

1. Identify and recommend evidence-based program and policy strategies that can be implemented to address the epidemic in Milwaukee.

2. Identify and collate city, county, and Southeast Milwaukee data that can be used to inform prevention strategies through program and policy.

3. Work with an expert panel to identify programmatic and policy prevention strategies that are likely to have the greatest impact in the community.

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